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Helsinki Trolling Contest 2016 rules

General Information

Competition is the name of Helsinki Trolling Contest, Salmontrolling Finland Championship.

Competition Fish is a salmon. Salmon minimum size is 65 cm.

Championship winning weight of most Atlantic salmon leave the sailing team. Per day may be raised to four (4) salmon fish, boat if two or more crew members. If only one boat, two (2) salmon fish per day.

In the event of profit, the profit solves the weight of the largest fish.

The team competition to win the most weight Atlantic salmon obtained, formed by two or three the team's team.

The competition is Helsinki (the place opened) and the competition area operates the public/ national waters marine charts 18 and 19 of the Finnish state.


Competition Time Now:

Friday, 30.06.2016 at 09.00 - 20.00

Saturday, 01.07.2016 at 04.00 - 18.00

Weighing closed at the end of the competition time when the competitor must be weighing.

Prizes will be awarded after the results are known.


Every day, the top three and the final results of six weight of most Atlantic salmon received the crews and the weight of most Atlantic salmon leave the team.

In addition, rewarded with the largest Atlantic salmon and the largest sea trout.

Sea trout minimum size is 65 cm and it must be rasvaeväleikattu. All rasvaevälliset sea trout must be released regardless of the size.

If a competitor is unsure of the type of fish he can ask before weighing typed.

Competition fees and other

The participation fee is 100 € / boat.

The competitor must request proof of identity.

The boats must be found life vest for everyone involved in a lighter weight occupant and facilities in accordance with a boat inspection class as well as marine VHF radio transmitter / receiver.

The Promoter can not deny insufficiently competitive boat with participation. The organizer has the right to inspect the boat.

Each fishing boat involved in the 18 - 64 year old person must have paid the national fishing lisence 2016.

Rod amount is not limited, but allowed is one of lure / bait. Skipper or a member of the sailing team, which is clearly in Discoverable mode hops is bringing to fish for weighing, or participates in the distribution of prizes, entails rejection of the team's competition performance.

Competitors participate in the regatta at their own risk.


The registration form can be found in the top menu. Late registration is possible in the venue.

The wind limit and the suspension of competition

Harmaja.">Competition wind limit is 10 m / s average wind speed which is checked every half hour Harmaja lighthouse at => Harmaja. The organizer can interrupt the wind limit competition exceeded or due to other circumstances relating to security.

The organizer discontinue the race, to full competition days counted all the fishing days when no fishing time was available for five hours or more.

If competitive conditions are not met and the prizes have to be divided on other grounds as mentioned above, the Jury of the Competition shall state the reasons on Saturday (at 13) in the competition center.

Communications and radio communications

The race-time special messages sent to all GSM numbers notified by SMS and phone VHF channel 77 and F3.

Competition Jury

Competition Jury consists of three operator and two representatives chosen by lot by competitors.